ResX Localization Studio
ResX Localization Studio
Easily localize your .NET applications and websites using ResX Localization Studio, a complete tool for editing and keeping track of your localization projects.
  • Automatic translations with a single click
  • Import/Export in Word format for external translation
  • See source and destination language side-by-side
  • Keeps track of changes, so you don't have to worry about them
  • Realtime spellchecking in many languages
  • Scan source for keys not already in ResX files

Keep all languages in sync

Did you remember to add that specific row to the German language file? Have you deleted that obsolete entry in all files? ResX Localization Studio knows which files contains your source language, and can synchronize the corresponding target language files, so you don't have to remember and perform every little change yourself.

Realtime spellchecking

Catch spelling errors before they reach your application. ResX Localization Studio offers live spellchecking, like you know it from your favorite word processor, with support for OpenOffice and ISpell dictionaries in almost every language.

Keep track of your project

ResX Localization Studio tracks changes to the source ResX files, and marks the language files, so that you know which resource rows should be updated. If you change a page title in your source language file, you will immediately be able to see which language files might need an update, based on this. The application also marks empty rows and rows recently added from synchronization, so you never deliver an unfinished project.
Import & export

Import/export in Word format

With a couple of clicks, you can export your entire project or selected languages to Word format in .docx files. These files can be sent to an external translator, and then returned for easy import. If you make a few changes to your source language, you may export these changes only.
Automatic translation

Automatic translation

ResX Localization Studio can automatically translate an entire file or a single row, using the Bing Translator Webservice. The application already knows the source and target language, so this can be done with a single click. You can then check and improve the machine translation, or use it as-is, if it doesn't have to be perfect.

Advanced grid view

Edit the shorter strings in the advanced grid of ResX Localization Studio, where empty and new rows are clearly marked. You will also be able to see both the source and the destination language at the same time, instead of having to navigate back and forth between the source and the destination language file.